leaving out to the gulf coast on the 14th to play the florabama, the head out west and will be back on august 1st. gonna spend alot of time in Colorado. work and play! if anyone has a place in colorado that you think I might be a good fit for, let me know. I can sqeeze a few more shows in.
had a blast at Wannee!  looks like im gonna be doing it annually!  got magfest coming up too!
buddies at Wanee!
Hey Guys!
     Back out in Texas for a while.  I've had a great time so far.  I am doing a pick up gig tonight at The Tarpon Ice house in Port Aransas, Tx.  All the locals call it port A.  Beautiful place!  I've been on the beach for  a couple days at Mustang Island state park.  You will have to forgive my grammar and typing mistakes, I just dont even try anymore!  please go to my facebook/albertsimpsonhk page and check out the photos.  I dont use my personal page that much which is just albertsimpson without the hk.   I shot a new video while ive been out here with my good friend Daniel.  We should have it up soon.  Got to meet some great folks at the arlington guitar show.  and I got to hang out with my other family Nadene, Dean and Paul from porchboard.com .  got a couple new songs ive been working on!  this place always inspires me. well I guess thats all for now. Oh yeah!, Sharon, I miss you see you down the road!



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Made it back home from Texas safe! I had a great time out there and I am headed back in October and November. Lake Charles was also good times! Thanks to all the folks who came out and all the new friends i made. Can.t wait to go back! Got some new video up on youtube from the tour. Check it out and also check out the schedule for the upcoming dates. I've got a few shows down in Gulf shores and Orange Beach, Al. coming up soon. Also, Santa Rosa Beach. It looks like i'm gonna get some sun for a change! See you guys down the road!




Hey Guys!  Sorry it's been a while since i've posted.  I am taking a couple weeks off before I head out on my Texas run.  My family has been getting most of my attention lately, which is well spent time.  I'll be posting video and pics from the road when I start out for Texas on June 15th.  Till then, check the schedule and check Facebook for updates.  See you down the road!
come to any live show, download the free app and sign up to my mailing list right there in front of me and get a free download!
I played the mullet toss at the Florabama this past Saturday night. The main stage is back! It was packed as usual.  I had my good friend Wayne Mills sit in on a few tunes!  It's always good to see Wayne!  Thanks to all my good friends who made it! Especially my friends from Lu Lu's who's boat broke down and still made it!  Thanks to Donna who found a slot for me! Love you Girl!  Ill get some photos up soon, if you have some please send them to me and ill get them up as well.  Thanks again! See you guys down the road!
Wow!  I did a run this week that was one great show after another.  Starting at chestnut station in my hometown and then on to the University of Auburn, the University of Alabama then to Mississippi State University.  Every show was just as good as the next!  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!  I posted a few pics on all my social media sites, so check them out if you get a chance.  Thanks to the guys at the Sigma Nu Fraternity in Auburn for giving me the huge Highly Kind Sign they hand painted!  Nice job guys! See you guys down the road!
Arlo Guthrie and Albert
Wow! SXSW was incredible this year.  I met Arlo Guthrie for one!  Bruce Springsteen gave the keynote speech and performed!  Met alot of great folks from the ceo of reverbnation to the owner of The Roxy in LA.
 I played in Lakeway, Tx at Busters BBq and absolutely loved Bill and Jennifer Stroud, also a party for the great folks at evernote.com at a venue on 6th and Trinity in Austin. Tx. called The Lodge.  Everyone was there to have a good time!  I also saw and met some other great artist like Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Jimmy Cliff and Celeste Prince. Just to mention a few!  Right now im in a great little place in Beaumont, Tx. called The Logon Cafe, which is a great stop on my way to the Cigar club in Lake Charles, La. Which is where I play tomorrow.  I'm a little over halfway through my tour and still excited!  That's unusual..  My partner in crime during this event was Mr. Mike Butler, the entertainment director for LuLu's Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores, Al.  Which is owned by Lucy Buffet, who is the sister of the great Jimmy Buffet.  We made some life long friends and some really good contacts.  This has been one of the best tours I have had in a long time!  Definitely gonna do it again, so if you know anyone on the route that would be interested in having me play the next go around please let me know and Ill try to add the venue on the next trip.  I finish the tour in Gulf Shores, Al. at LuLu's and Joey's Northshore Grill on Sunday the 25th, then head to Troy, Al. where I play the Half shell and The Front Porch.  Then I finally get home to see my girl! Can't Wait! (and Willie)(I guess Jack and molly too!).  
On the Red Carpet!